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Manufacture ID: 10774GP

The advanced technology of the gas ram system uses compressed gas in a sealed, self-contained unit that is designed to replace the mainspring in a conventional air rifle. The air rifles cock like any other barrel-cocking airgun, but the single cocking stroke compresses a cylinder of gas instead of a mainspring. When the trigger is pulled, the compressed gas expands and drives the piston forward. The main advantage in a gas ram air rifle and a real advantage to hunters is the tireless gas ram power plant that, unlike a steel mainspring, can never take a set or tire with age. Another advantage is the shorter lock time, which aids in field accuracy, as there is less time for the shooter to "pull" off target. The air rifle's reliable performance in any weather, smoother cocking effort, and more consistent power and velocities make for a truly exceptional airgun.


- Interchangeable Barrels
- Gas Ram Power Plant
- European Hardwood Stock
- Hooded Front Sight


- Caliber: .177 and .22
- Action: Break Barrel, Gas Ram Powered
- Ammunition: Pellets
- Scope: 4x32mm with Mounts
- Trigger: RS2, 2 Stage Adjustable
- Accuracy: C-T-C .20" at 10 Meters
- Velocity: 1,000 FPS and 830 FPS
- Length: 47.50"
- Weight: 8.75 lbs
Manufacture ID: CQH22RDN-SX

Crosman Quest .22 Caliber, Nitro Piston Elite Powered Break Barrel Air Rifle


- SBD market leading sound suppression
- Rifled steel barrel
- All-weather synthetic stock
- Adjustable, two-stage Clean Break Trigger
- CenterPoint 4x32mm scope


- Caliber: .22
- Barrel Type: Rifled/Overmolded
- FPE: 29
- Mounting Rail: Dovetail
- Noise Suppression: Yes
- Safety: Lever

Ballistic Information:

- Lead Pellet Velocity: UPto 950 fps
- Alloy Pellet Velocity: UPto 1100 fps
Manufacture ID: BIH17TDNS-SX

Ironhide .177 Caliber Nitro Piston Elite Powered Break Barrel Air Rifle


- SBD market leading sound suppression
- Adjustable rear/fixed front sight
- Rifled steel barrel
- Ambidextrous, all-weather stock with comfortable thumbhole
- Adjustable, Two-stage Clean Break Trigger
- CenterPoint 4x32 mm scope


- Caliber: .177
- Lead Pellet Velocity: Up to 1150 fps
- Alloy Pellet Velocity: Up to 1400 fps
- Barrel Material: Steel
- Barrel Type: Rifled/Overmolded
- FPE: 23
- Mounting Rail: Dovetail
- Noise Suppression: Yes
- Safety: Lever
Charging System Cylinder

Charging System Cylinder

by Crosman


Manufacture ID: 81001-R

Benjamin PCP Charging System is specifically designed to charge PCP air guns and the Pioneer PCP Airbow while you're out in the field. The tank is rated for 4500psi and constructed with carbon fiber to reduce weight. Capacity is 90 cu in (14.72 cubic feet). The PCP Charging System includes a stainless steel fill connection, a 12" microbore hose, a grippy hand wheel for controlled filling, a built-in pressure gauge, and a bleed valve. The complete system weighs under 5 lbs. and measures 15" in length by 4" in diameter, making it compatible to carry nicely in a daypack. Depending on the model of Benjamin airgun you're charging, the tank will give between 8 and 34 refills.


- Charges PCP air guns and airbows in the field
- 4500psi carbon fiber tank
- Carries in a daypack
- Complete system


- Size: 90 cu in
- Color: Black
- Length: 15"
- Diameter: 4.0"
- Number of Refills: 7-25
Gun Buddy Air Rifle Sling
Manufacture ID: 2230030

This well-priced DX17 is a BB air pistol that's great for plinking. This spring-piston gun fires .177 BBs and includes an integrated picatinny rail and fiber-optic front sight. Includes 200 BBs in the kit. Experience the fun and action of shooting at an incredible value. Great for building shooting proficiency.


- Umarex DX17 pistol
- Shoots .177 BBs
- Spring piston
- One stroke charging
- Integrated accessory rail
- Fiber optic front sight


- 200 BBs


- Caliber: 0.177"
- Max Velocity: 200 fps
- Loudness: 1-Low
- Barrel Length: 2.75"
- Overall Length: 9.5"
- Shot Capacity: 15
- Barrel: Smooth bore
- Front Sight: Blade
- Rear Sight: Fixed
- Scopeable: No
- Buttplate: None
- Suggested for: Plinking/Fun
- Safety: Manual
- Powerplant: Spring-piston
- Function: Repeater
- Material: Metal/ABS plastic
- Body Type: Pistol
- Fixed/adj. power: Fixed
- Weight: 1.6 lbs
RWS Model LP8 .177 Pellet

RWS Model LP8 .177 Pellet

by Umarex USA


Manufacture ID: 2166930

RWS - Model LP8 .177 Pellet Pistol


Fully Rifled Barrel
Automatic Safety
Adjustable Trigger
Rigid Quality Control Inspections
Limited Lifetime Warranty


Caliber: .177
Feet Per Second: 700
Sights: Fiber Optic
Total Length: 17.625"
Barrel Length: 9.125"
Weight in lbs: 3.35
Trigger Pull in lbs: 3.3
Cocking Effort in lbs: 24
Big Blast with Foot Pump

Big Blast with Foot Pump

by Umarex USA


Manufacture ID: 2211188

Umarex USA Big Blast Cap Target Inflator is a fun way to use a non-explosive target that merely operates by air pressure. With a Big Blast Cap you can pump air into your plastic bottle and it is recommend to pump up to 80 psi depending on the weather and size of the bottle. The pressurized air immediately disperses to normalcy creating a "boom" as the air molecules rush out into the normal atmospheric pressure. This model includes a foot pump, 10 red bottle caps, two compatible air pump needles, one mesh drawstring bag and tie string.


- Type: Reactive
- Material: Plastic
- Ammo Type: All Rifle/Handgun
- Auto Resetting: No
- Impact Enhancement: Explosion
- Enhancement Color: Multi-Color
P-900 IGT

P-900 IGT

by Gamo


Manufacture ID: 611102954-IGT

The Break Barrel P-900 IGT from Gamo enhances the authentic look and feel to an already proven design and recognized craftsmanship, these break barrel powered pellet pistols are equipped with a true IGT technology, Rubberized grip and Fiber Optics sight.



- Single Shot
- Pneumatic Pre Compressed System with IGT Technology
- Recoil and Vibration Free


- Fiber Optic


- Rubberized Grip
- Ergonomic design
- Non Slip Checkered Engraving


- Caliber: .177
- Trigger Pull: Double Action 4.5 lbs.
- Cocking effort: 34 lbs.
- Barrel: Precision Rifled Steel
- Accuracy: 0.20" Groups at 10 yards (Center to Center)
- Trigger: Smooth Action (SAT)
- Velocity: 400 fps
- Overall Length: 12.60"
- Weight: 1.3 lbs.
Red Ryder Paper Targets, Package of 25
Manufacture ID: LF1785

Powershot ammunition from Crosman is a great alternative to traditional lead pellets. The outstanding ballistic properties enhance long-range shooting for hunters, target and recreational shooters. These belted, pointed pellets hold their shape on impact for better penetration.

Increased stability for effective long range shooting in an 8.5 grain pellet.


- Weight: 8.5 grain
- Caliber: .177
- Material: Lead Free Pointed Polymer Belted
- Quantity: 125
- Color: Gold
Manufacture ID: C1911B

Looking for a pellet pistol? Look no further, this is the Crosman 1911 CO2 Air Pistol. It incorporates a magazine with two six shot rotary clips to keep you shooting longer.


- Pellet Pistol
- Metal slide/barrel and polymer frame
- Checkered polymer Faux wood grips
- Full Metal magazine holds two 6 shot rotary clips
- Convenient, detachable magazine for quick reloading
- Rotates to secondary rotary clip
- Fixed blade front and fixed notch rear sights


- Finish: Blued
- Capacity: 6
- Barrel Type: Rifled Bore
- Airgun Caliber: 177 Caliber
- Action Type: Semi-Automatic
- Power Source: CO2
- Ammunition: Pellet
- Maximum Muzzle Velocity: 450 Feet Per Second
- Safety: Grip
- Front Sight: Fixed
- Rear Sight: Fixed
Manufacture ID: C1911S

Crosman 1911 Silver CO2-powered Pellet Pistol


- Metal slide and steel barrel
- Checkered wood style grips
- Convenient, detachable magazine for quick reloading and rotating to secondary rotary clip
- Removable grip panel for easy replacement of CO2
- Fixed blade and notch sighting system
- The C1911 includes a detachable magazine which doubles as CO2 access and pellet loader. Dual head rotating loader holds two 6 shot rotary clips


- Caliber: .177
- Power Plant: CO2
- Action: Repeater
- Barrel Material: Steel
- Barrel Type: Rifled
- Checkering: Yes
- FPE: 2
- Sights: Front: Fixed Blade and Rear: Fixed Notch
- Material: Medial
- Magazine: Rotary Magazine
- Trigger: Single Stage
- Stock Style: Polymer Pistol
- Stock Material: Polymer
- Safety: Selector
- Length: 8"
- Weight: 1.90 lbs

Ballistic Information:

- Lead Pellet Velocity: Upto 350 fps
- Alloy Pellet Velocity: Upto 450 fps
- Steel Pellet Velocity: Upto 350 fps
Manufacture ID: BVH22TPSS-SX

The Benjamin Vaporizer Break Barrel Air Rifle is perfect for your next hunt. The CenterPoint 3-9x40mm scope optimizes your ability to see your target while the SBD Gold Sound Suppression keeps your shots quiet.


- SBD Gold Sound Suppression
- Ergonomic, stock with soft touch inserts
- Rubber recoil pad
- Adjustable rear/fixed front sight
- Picatinny rail
- CenterPoint 3-9x40mm scope
- Sling mounts included


- Capacity: 1
- Barrel Type: Rifled Bore
- Airgun Caliber: 22 Caliber
- Action Type: Break Barrel
- Stock Type: Straight Grip
- Power Source: Gas Piston
- Ammunition: Pellet
- Lead Pellet Velocity: Up to 950 fps
- Alloy Pellet Velocity: Up to 1100 fps
- Stock Color and Material: Black Polymer
- Front Sight: Fixed
- Rear Sight: Adjustable
- Scope: 3-9x40mm
C41 BB Luger Styling

C41 BB Luger Styling

by Crosman


Manufacture ID: C41

The C41 pistol features alloy construction that gives it a realistic weight and feel. A medium framed pistol, the C41 has ambidextrous checkered grips and is modeled after some of the famous German pistols of WWII. Powered by a Powerlet 12 gram CO2 cartridge, with muzzle velocities up to 495 fps, the C41 has an 18 round spring fed magazine that ensures accurate BB feeding with every shot. An easy slide grip guarantees quick CO2 replacement resulting in less downtime and more time on the range. Rear notch and front blade sights ensure accurate shots every time.


- Caliber: .177
- Magazine Capacity: 18 BB's
- Weight: 2 lbs.
- Length: 6.5"
- Barrel Type: Smooth Bore
- Trigger: Single Stage
- Action: Semi-Auto Repeater
- Safety: Slide
- Front Sight: Fixed Blade
- Rear Sight: Fixed Notch
- Velocity: Up to 495 fps
- Power Source: CO2 12 gram cartridge (not included)
Ruger Targis Hunter .22 Combo 3-9x32 Scope
Manufacture ID: 2244218

Umarex Ruger Talon Hunter .22 Combo 3-9x32 Scope (2244218)


- Single-shot, break barrel air rifle with 3-9x32mm scope
- SilencAir 5-chamber noise dampener reduces down-range muzzle noise
- Spring piston
- 2-stage adjustable trigger
- Picatinny rail
- Blued barrel & receiver
- All-weather, vented black synthetic stock with raised comb & rubber recoil pad
- Fiber optic (fixed front & adj. rear) sights
- Automatic safety
- Velocity (with alloy pellets): 1000 FPS
- Length: 18.7" (brl.), 44.85" (OAL), 14.0" (LOP)
- 30 lb. cocking
- Wt.: 9.85 lbs.
- Includes sling & swivels
Magazine - .35 Carnivore, 7 Shot
Hmmerli-Walther Magazine 2-Pack - .177
High Dovetail - Airgun - .22 Style (1")

High Dovetail - Airgun - .22 Style (1")

by Barska Optics


Manufacture ID: AI10342

These 1" scope rings are an excellent choice for price-conscious shooters. Designed to withstand brutal recoil, they provide a rock solid grip and protection with superior structural integrity. Like our riflescope, these rings will provide you with extraordinary performance without sacrificing quality, accuracy or your budget! Rings are available in various profiles from low to extra-high. There are also models that are customized to fit Ruger firearms. Peep-Sight features are also available on selected models.


- Height: 1.13 inch
- Diameter: 1 inch
- Overall: 1.63 inch
- Material: Aluminum
- Finish: Black Matte
- Number of Rings/Pkg: 2
- Number of Set Screws:1
- Number of Lock Nuts: 2
- Warranty: Manufacturer 1 Year Limited
PBA Platinum Pellets - .22-Blister Pack
Manufacture ID: 632265554

Gamo PBA Platinum Pellets that uses enhanced non-lead alloy to generate velocities up to 30% faster than most lead pellets. These platinum pellets also offer enhanced accuracy and maximum penetration for hunting applications. PBA is 100% lead free and environmentally friendly.


- Caliber: .22
- Pellet Weight: 9.7 grain
- Quantity: Per 50
Red Ryder Shooting Gallery

Red Ryder Shooting Gallery

by Daisy Outdoor Products


Manufacture ID: 993164-302

The Red Ryder shooting gallery helps you improve accuracy while providing hours of fun. Plus, it’s easy to use. Simply punch out the perforated front portion of the box, hang a target (included) put on your shooting glasses and start shooting. Fun with a group or by yourself – in the backyard or basement.


- Quantity: 25 assorted shooting targets
Manufacture ID: AIR-MCX-177-88G-30-BLK

Train like the pros! The Sig Sauer MCX is a near exact copy of the firearm used by law enforcement and military units around the globe. With similar weight, feel, and controls these make a great way to bring the practice range home. These compact semi-auto rifles feature adjustable flip up sights, Picatinny top and side rails, a mock suppressor, and a 30 round pellet magazine. They are powered by an 88g CO2 tank that fits within the stock.


- Metal Housing
- Integral Weaver/Picatinny Optics Rail and Accessory Rail
- Tactical Foregrip
- Flip-up Front and rear Sights
- Adjustable Front Sight
- Adjustable Rear Sight


- Fire Mode: Semi Automatic
- Caliber: .22
- Capacity: 30 Rounds
- Mechanism: CO2
- Velocity: 750 FPS
- Loudness: 4 Medium
- Rail: Picatinny
- Safety: Manual
- Finish: Black