Calls - Deer

Primos #729 Power Buck & Doe
Flextone Natural Bone Grunt'R
Primos #707 Trophy Grunter
M30 Bleat Deer Call
Primos Mastering Deer Pack
Primos Rattlin Antlers

Primos Rattlin Antlers



Primos Rattlin Antlers
  • The finest rattling horns available.
  • Extended handle design gives hunters room to rattle without injury to the hands.
  • Produces dominant and sparring fights.
  • With (14) perfect tine meshing points, they produce a consistent sound that won't vary with time or humidity.

Unit of Measure: PR
SKU: PA710
Primos Rut Roar Call
Primos Revolver Grunt Call
Primos Magnum Deer Roar
Primos The Great Big Can
K&H Fawn Bleat

K&H Fawn Bleat



K&H Fawn Bleat
  • Single reed accurately produces the quiet, contented bleats of a calm fawn and loud, frantic fawn-in-distress sounds.
  • Brings in bucks and does any time during the season, not just during the peak of the rut like other calls.
  • Easy to use and has enough volume to reach distant deer.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA6065
MAD RIP Bleat Call
MAD RIP Growl Call
Primos Rubberneck Deer Call
MAD Hyper Growl Deer Call

MAD Hyper Growl Deer Call



MAD Hyper Growl Deer Call
  • Emulates the actual way deer produces sound.
  • The addition of a hyper ventilator tube to the air passage way creates the most realistic deer sounds ever recorded.
  • Integrated system allows you to place your hand over the end of the main air flow and create perfect snort wheezes through hyper ventilator (nostril) tube without removing air supply from the call.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA513