Calls - Duck/Geese

Haydel Magnum Pintail
Haydel Double Reed Cajun Squeal
Haydel Cocacrylic Mallard
Flextone 6 N 1 Waterfowl Whistle
Flextone Wood Duck
Primos Pro Mallard Call
Primos 5 Call Lanyard
Haydel Compensator Wood Duck
Haydel Compensator Speck Call
Flextone Hail Mary Single Reed Duck Call
Flextone 4-Loop Lanyard Max 4
Flextone Wily Mallard Single Reed Call
Flextone R-T Canada Goose

Flextone R-T Canada Goose



Flextone R/T Canada Goose
  • Features innovative design which makes it easy to master a full range of natural sounding goose calls.
  • The flexible bell means improved control of tone, volume and back pressure, allowing the user to produce the sounds of multiple geese and double cluck with ease.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA50010
Flextone Wily Mallard Double Reed Call
Flextone R-T Double Mallard

Flextone R-T Double Mallard



Flextone R/T Double Mallard
  • Features Flextone technology in the exhaust bell to give you the most natural sound possible.
  • Soft, flexible end more accurately mimics the soft flexible tissue of a duck's neck and tongue to produce true duck sounds every time.
  • The double reed tone board makes this call easy to use and versatile.
  • Flextone technology makes it ducky on the low end and the hard polycarb barrel gives it enough volume to call ducks anywhere.
  • Max 4 camo.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA50020
Haydel Magnum Goose Honker
Haydel Redleg Mallard Duck
Haydel Wood Duck Squealer
Haydel Big Barrel Cutdown Mallard
Haydel Gadwall Call
Haydel Timber Cutter Mallard Double Reed
Primos Canada Goose Flute
Haydel Magnum Wood Duck