Calls - Elk

Flextone Bull Headed Elk Bugle
Duel Rolling Thunder Stretch Back 17"Bugle Mossy Oak Country
  • Adjustable single layer reed.
  • Sound like a bull on the move with no residual unnatural noise.
  • Different diameter resonating chambers for more realistic sound.
  • Compact 17” size makes it easy to pack.
  • Mossy Oak Breakup Country.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PAPA12069
Flextone Abe & Son Bull Rush Glunker
Flextone Bull Dozer Elk Bugle
Flextone Little Jewel Cow Elk
Primos Hoochie Mama Elk Call
Flextone Bootie Call

Flextone Bootie Call



Flextone Bootie Call
  • Its soft rubber body is the only call that can make mews, chirps, and even estrus cries totally hands free.
  • Simply bite down or release the reed under the rubber mouthpiece to raise or lower the pitch to make numerous cow elk sounds.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA60009
Primos Cash Cow All In Elk Diaphragm
Carlton Lonesome Cow Call
Wayne Carltons Rowdy Bull Bugle
Squeeze Me Estrus Cow Elk
Squeeze Me Elk Cow Call
Wayne Carltons Boss Cow Call
Wayne Carltons Whispering Cow Call

Wayne Carltons Whispering Cow Call



Wayne Carltons Whispering Cow Call
  • Open reed call with silencer cap creates soft mature cow moos and bleats for coaxing bulls up close.
  • Features an adjustable notched frame for setting desired sound without accidental movement.
  • Made from custom walnut and maple wood with textured elk antler design.
  • Includes lanyard.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA70168
Duel Wapiti Wailer Bite-n-Blow Elk Call
Primos Elk Sonic Dome Single
Primos Elk Sonic Dome Triple
Primos Elk Sonic Dome Double
Primos Elk 3 Pack
Primos Terminator Elk Reeds
Primos Terminator Elk System

Primos Terminator Elk System



Primos Terminator Elk System
  • Features a cap and extra reed compartment.
  • (2) blue Terminator Elk reeds.
  • Features a camo cover, lanyard, and instructions.
  • System is a variation of a tube-type call featuring a mouthpiece that enables you to produce bugles and cow calls quickly and easily with very little air pressure.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA904
Primos Baby Hoochie Mama