Calls - Elk

Primos Terminator Elk Reeds
Flextone Bull Headed Elk Bugle
Flextone Abe & Son Bull Rush Glunker
Flextone Bull Dozer Elk Bugle
Flextone Little Jewel Cow Elk
Primos Hoochie Mama Elk Call
Carlton Diaphragm Elk Double

Carlton Diaphragm Elk Double



Carlton Diaphragm Elk Double
  • Frame is lightweight but strong.
  • Reeds are stretched tight for that high pitched bugle.
  • The diaphragm is the only call which successfully imitates all parts of the elk's call.
  • Once mastered, you can produce the bugle, cough, chuckle, spike bark, and cow call.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA2621
Primos Cash Cow All In Elk Diaphragm
Primos Imperial Plate Elk
Primos Hyper Plate Double

Primos Hyper Plate Double



Primos Hyper Plate Double
  • Double reed with a large V cut in the bottom reed.
  • Perfect for producing hyper and estrus cow elk sounds.
  • Make cow, calf, and young bull sounds without switching calls.
  • Keeps reeds from over stretching.
  • Automatically positions call at the right angle.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA161
Primos Palate Plate Cow-Calf
Primos Palate Plate Ivory I

Primos Palate Plate Ivory I



Primos Palate Plate Ivory I
  • Makes it easier by giving you more control.
  • You can't over blow the call because the Palate Plate is up against the roof of your mouth.
  • The single latex reed has the support of the Palate Plate, giving you the full range of cow, calf, and bull sounds without over stretching the latex reeds.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA159
Carlton Lonesome Cow Call
Callmasters Bowhunter Cow Coaxer Elk Call
  • Just hold the soft mouthpiece in teeth and blow.
  • Hands-free calling to get elk in close.
  • Very realistic, consistent cow voice pitch and tone.
  • Lifetime reed, no replacement ever.
  • Makes excellent chirps, mews, estrus whine, cow fights and hyper sounds.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA15179
Duel 17" Compact Elk Bugle Combo Pack

Duel 21" Autumn Thunder Standard Elk Bugle



Duel 21" Autumn Thunder Standard Elk Bugle
  • Chambers are different diameters to better emulate an elk's anatomy.
  • 21" offers bigger sound; heavy latex reed.
  • Adjustable single reed produces full range of calls from long range bugles to close-in grunts.
  • Freeze-free design.
  • Includes camo cover, (2) replacement reeds, (2) o-rings and instructions.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA6974
Wayne Carltons Rowdy Bull Bugle
Squeeze Me Estrus Cow Elk
Squeeze Me Elk Cow Call