Calls - Turkey

Pittman #210 Magnum Diamond Call
Preston Triple Threat Pack Diaphragm
Pittman Two Face Box Call

Pittman Two Face Box Call



Pittman Two Face Box Call
  • (2) different kinds of wood, maple and purple heart making this call (4) calls in 1.
  • One quick change of the lid from one end of the chassis to the other, takes a hunter to an entirely new level in turkey hunting.
Call options include:
  • Purple Heart over purple heart.
  • Purple Heart over maple.
  • Maple over maple.
  • Maple over purple heart.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA7430
Pittman #222 Sapphire Call
Pittman Two Face Slate Pot Call
Pittman Two Face Slate Pot Call
  • Just like the Two Face box call, the Two Face slate is the first of its kind.
  • Using (2) completely different kinds of wood, "hard purple heart and medium soft maple", this call obtains (2) different sounds with little practice.
  • Not only is the pot (2) different types of wood, but so is the striker.
  • By playing the call on each side of striker and pot the different sounds are achieved.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA7726
Pittman Trumpet Call

Pittman Trumpet Call



Pittman Trumpet Call
  • The LBD Trumpet call is made with the newest technology and still maintains that old school sound every hunter wants.
  • Skillful craftmanship and hand selected Black Walnut makes this call a collectible.
  • The call's adjustable mouthpiece, quality materials and wide volume range makes this the one you need.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA8126
Pittman Tube Call
Pittman #212 Thunder Call
Pittman #216 Lightning Call
HS Quick Strike Peg
Preston Seek & Destroy Diaphragm
Flextone Tramp Stamp w-Slate Pot

Flextone Tramp Stamp w-Slate Pot



Flextone Tramp Stamp w/Slate Pot
  • Uses natural slate for pure turkey sounds.
  • Super magnum hickory striker is perfectly balanced so the call will break over just right every time and is heavy enough to have all the volume you will ever need.
  • Pot and striker in Realtree APG.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA10260
Flextone Beard Box Call
Flextone Split Hen Diaphragm Call
Flextone Thunder Cluck-N-Purr (Gen 2)
Flextone Thunder Cut'n (Gen 2)
Flextone Show Stopper Slate Pot Call
Flextone Show Stopper Glass Pot Call
Flextone Thunder Yelper (Gen 2)
Flextone Turkey Man Series Double Stack Mouth Call
  • Original Eddie Salter stacked frame design.
  • Double reed bottom - single reed top.
  • Exceptional volume control.
  • Very easy to create realistic rasp.
  • The stack design keeps the call slightly off the roof of the mouth.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PAPA12128
Flextone EZ Hen Diaphragm
Pittman #226 Little Exciter Call
Pittman #224 Little Killer Call
Pittman #228 Little Diamond Call