Easton Insert 2018

Easton Insert 2018



Easton Insert 2018
  • These replaceable point inserts feature 8/32 standard threads and are made of precision machined aluminum.
  • Each feature the Easton logo with corresponding shaft size laser printed for better identification purposes.
  • The inserts can be used with: XX78 Super Slam Digital, XX75 Camo Hunter and XX75 Legacy Shafts.

Unit of Measure: Dozen
SKU: PAPA7472018D
XSD In-Out Insert .166 #2
XSD In-Out Insert .166 #1
H 6mm Brass Insert 75-50gr
CB 6.5mm Insert 8-32
X 5mm Hit 8-32 Inserts
Bolt Brass Insert .272 60gr
Aluminum Insert VForce .300
Arrow Inserts 1813
VAP SHOK Aluminum .166 Insert 35gr Black
Brass Insert .246 100gr
Aluminum Insert VForce .245
VAP P2 Stainless Steel .281 Insert
Carbon Force Inserts 100pk
Aluminum Insert .345 VX25
RIP SHOK Aluminum .204 Insert 21gr Black
X-Cutter Insert
30X Insert
ST 6mm RPS Inserts 8-32
Carbon Force Inserts Dozen Pack
Arrow Inserts 2413