Muzzleloading Accessories

Wonder Lube Patch #5105  .010  1-5-16

Wonder Lube Patch #5105 .010 1-5-16



Wonder Lube Patch #5105 .010 1-5/16
  • Lubed with Wonder Lube 1000+.
  • High quality 100% cotton fabric.
  • By using on all metal and wood parts, you are assured total corrosion protection.
  • No other lube, solvent, cleaner or chemical is needed or should be used.
  • 100 pack.
  • .50 / .59 cal.

Unit of Measure: 1C
SKU: PA4159
T-C T-17 Foaming Bore Cleaner

T-C T-17 Foaming Bore Cleaner



T/C T-17 Foaming Bore Cleaner
  • T17 bore cleaner in a foaming agent.
  • Effectively cleans and neutralizes the harmful fouling in the bore from powder and black powder substitutes.
  • Also helps to remove plastic, copper and lead deposits that could affect the accuracy of your rifle.
  • A micro-thin layer of protectant is left in the bore to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • The foam penetrates even the most caked on fouling and eliminates the need to brush your barrel.
  • Simply spray into your barrel and let stand for (1) hour.
  • The foaming agent does all the work for you.
  • Wipe your barrel clean and treat your barrel with T17 Seasoning patches to prevent rust.
  • 7 oz. can.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA17495
T-C U-View Flex Loader

T-C U-View Flex Loader



T/C U-View Flex Loader
  • This rugged and flexible carrier holds (3) loading tubes, each containing the projectile and charge.
  • When the backup charge is needed, the loading tube is pulled out of the holder and "dumped" down the bore pellets first, followed by the projectile.
  • The carrier also holds (4) #209 shotshell primers and has a lanyard hole to attach it to your bag or pouch.
  • Made of Bio-Flex, a special silicone material which will withstand frigid conditions and still be pliable.
  • Accepts magnum charges of (3) Pyrodex pellets with sabots.
  • For 50 or 45 caliber.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA18031
Traditions Palm Saver
Cleaning Jag 10-32 Thread 50c.
Ball Puller 10-32 Thread
Thread Adapter 10-32 To 8-32
Revolver Nipples 6x.75
44c Revolver Round Balls .454
Revolver Nipple Wrench
Omega Weaver Style Base Mount 1pc Black

Omega Weaver Style Base Mount 1pc Black



Omega Weaver Style Base Mount 1pc Black
  • Mounts on the barrel of T/C model rifles listed using existing screw holes.
  • Strong and reliable - withstands magnum recoil.
  • Steel construction.
  • 1-piece weaver style design.
  • Fits Aluminum Blued Encore/Prohunter, Impact and Omega.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA19899
U-View Powder Flask

U-View Powder Flask



U-View Powder Flask
  • A  see through powder flask that makes it easy to monitor your powder supply.
  • This Lexon device is small enough to easily fit in your pocket or possible pouch yet it holds enough powder for about a dozen reloads.
  • Easy to control spring loaded plunger for dispensing powder into a measure.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA17224
Powder Measure U-View 50-120gr

Powder Measure U-View 50-120gr



Powder Measure U-View 50-120gr
  • Allows you see the exact level of the powder in the tube.
  • Includes loading spout that swivels out of the way to fill the measure.
  • Locking shaft is a cinch to adjust.
  • Prevents pouring partial charges caused by bridging of powder.
  • Graduated in (5) increments from 50 to 125 grains.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA17222
Traditions 50c Rotating Jag

Durasight Z-2 Alloy Scope Rings Medium Black



Durasight Z-2 Alloy Scope Rings Medium Black
  • These rings provide 50% more strength than conventional aluminum rings, but are priced about the same.
  • Beautiful and durable matte black and silver finishes are achieved through state of the art, industrial quality powder coating.
  • All screws are Grade 8 Torx, ensuring secure scope retention.
  • Torx wrench included.
  • Weaver compatible.

Unit of Measure: PR
Ramrod Accessory Pack 50c 10-32
Adjustable Powder Measure
Straight Line Capper
Deluxe Flask w-Valve

Deluxe Flask w-Valve



Deluxe Flask w/Valve
  • Deluxe version of the popular tubular style flask, tastefully adorned by the Traditions logo.
  • This solid brass, heavy-walled, seamless cylinder has a threaded cap for easy filling.
  • Holds a generous supply of black powder or Pyrodex.
  • Valve-type dispenser and a 30 grain spout.
  • Flask stands by itself.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PAA1201
Round Ball Starter Wood