Quiver Accessories

Replacement Foam Softloc 3 Quiver
Tight Spot Mounting Bracket
Tight Spot Conversion Bracket
Tight Spot Hood Insert
Extra Kwikee Bracket
G5 Head Loc Quiver Tree Mount
Quiktune Drop Away Arrow Holder
Carbon Arrow Holder 4-Arrow
Tight Spot XL Mounting Bracket

Tight Spot XL Mounting Bracket



Tight Spot XL Mounting Bracket
  • The new XL mounting bracket is extra long and has more adjustment than before. 
  • It will help with clearance on a bow where the arrow rest sits farther back on the bow causing the rest to hit the quiver. 
  • The XL mounting bracket is 1/2 inch longer than out standard mounting bracket for better clearance.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA7252
OMP Quiver Belt Universal
Quiver Mount Black - Reactor
Quiver Mount Tuff Loc Black
Bow Quiver Hood Foam 4 Arrow
PSE 6 Arrow Mongoose Quiver Foam
PSE Bow Quiver Hood Foam Insert
Eclipse Quiver Hood Foam
Kwik Lok Arrow Holder

Kwik Lok Arrow Holder



Kwik Lok Arrow Holder
  • Kwik Lok's unique composite of soft plastic and spring steel holds the arrow firmly, yet swings away quickly, smoothly, quietly, even under the coldest conditions.
  • The pressure button mount also adapts to fang style shoot through rests.
  • Carbon arrow adapter rings included.
  • Works with all size arrows.
  • Self-adhesive mounting on bow.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA2508
Loc Down Quiver Quick Detach