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Socket Head Sight-Quiver Screw 5-8"
Flat Head Sight-Quiver Screw 3-4"
QS Replacement Bow Fishing Biscuit
QS Replacement Biscuit Small
NAP Flipper Extra Teflon Sleeve
QAD Replacment Felt Kit Black
QAD Cable Clamp Kit
Ripcord Launcher-Containment Arm Black
Adapter Stud 5-16 x 5-16
Adapter Stud 1-4 x 1-4
Adapter Stud 5-16 x 5-16 x 1
Replacement Biscuit Small
Replacement Biscuit Large
Replacement Biscuit Medium
Containment Bracket Kit Right Hand

Containment Bracket Kit Right Hand



Containment Bracket Kit Right Hand
  • Now you can add full containment to your 2013 model or later Versa Rest.
  • Kit comes complete with lightweight 30% glass filled nylon bracket.
  • Containment launcher, die stamped silencing felt, and mounting hardware that allows you to upgrade your standard Versa Rest to one with full capture capabilities.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA200100
QAD Timing Cord Pink
QAD Timing Cord Black
QAD Timing Cord Red
QAD Timing Cord Green
QAD Timing Cord Blue
QAD Timing Cord Orange