Targets - Paper

Maple Leaf T.S. Deer Target
Maple Leaf Rabbit
Maple Leaf Elk
HS Turkey Targets 11"x 11"
Arrow Mat Woodland Shadow 5 Spot Target 17x17
  • Arrowmat targets will take (1000) shots or more before needing replacement.
  • Vivid full color photo realistic imagery.
  • Designed to complement most block/bag targets.
  • Will never peel or flake and are 100% weatherproof.

Unit of Measure: 3 Pack
SKU: PA63903
Arrow Mat Moose Target 17x17
Arrow Mat Grizzly Bear Target 17x17
Arrow Mat Antelope Target 17x17
Official Dual Face Target
Arrow Mat Caribou Target 17x17
Arrow Mat Big Horn Sheep Target 17x17
Arrow Mat XL Turkey Target 34x34

NFAA Grizzly Bear Target 28"x40"( Group 1)



NFAA Grizzly Bear Target 28"x40"( Group 1)
  • Maple Leaf Press is proud of the "FULL COLOR" NFAA Official Animal Target line.
  • They worked hard to make them more realistic than the old line, incorporating the NFAA kill and skin line scoring.
  • Duplication of animals in the same group have been eliminated, along with less popular animals.
  • All targets have been printed on 100# tag and have Mix and Match pricing.
  • All targets have UPC codes for your convenience.
  • 28" x 40".

Unit of Measure: 10 Pieces
T.O.M Turkey Patterning Target

T.O.M Turkey Patterning Target



T.O.M Turkey Patterning Target
  • These products interact with the hunter, teaching them as they shoot, with every shot.
  • Instantaneous feedback is the hallmark of their products.
  • Makes practicing as much fun as the hunt itself.
  • They separate their products from the competition by teaching hunters to be "sharp" shooters.
  • Size: Learn the size of your quarry.
  • Hit: Tally good shots with immediate feedback.
  • Aim: Put your bead or crosshairs on realistic targets.
  • React: Judge your accuracy when the target "reacts".
  • Pattern: Know your ammo will do the job.

Unit of Measure: EA
SKU: PA309848
Delta Prairie Dog-Skunk Target
Indoor Archery Score Cards
36" Face For Matts
48" Face For Matts
30" Face For Matts
Quaker Turkey Target